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Recognizing that no two clients are alike, we take the time to listen and to understand your particular circumstances, goals, and aspirations. This understanding serves as the basis from which we develop an integrated plan that addresses every facet of your wealth. Our comprehensive approach is designed to create a plan that achieves your near- and long-term goals. We believe that individuals and families with significant wealth can benefit from the rigor and sophistication that typically characterize institutional wealth management.

When crafting an integrated wealth management plan, we draw on our expertise in the following areas:

Investment Management
Retirement Income Planning
Tax Planning
Multigenerational Wealth Transfer
Philanthropic Gifting
Financial Planning
Estate & Trust Planning
Educational Planning
Company Stock Options
Banking & Lending

investment management

We believe there are numerous ways to build and manage investment portfolios with no "right" or "wrong" approach. Rather the differences involve various philosophies of investing, or may be influenced by the investor's familiarity with, or preferences for, certain types of securities. The one feature we require of any portfolio, however, is that it be well diversified in order to manage excess, or unnecessary risk. This means that any well constructed portfolio should contain assets that are not highly correlated in price movements with each other.

financial planning

We constantly face change in the economy that creates confusion in our financial lives. Not long ago, a good pension and/or Social Security guaranteed a secure retirement. Today, however, there are no promises, no guarantees. Inflation, constantly changing tax laws, increasing volatility of investments, job changes, and other factors beyond our control can cause havoc with short- and long-term financial plans. We identify client passions, intentions, and objectives to deliver sound advice for your life today and in the future.

estate & trust services

A well thought out estate plan is critical to protect and transition your wealth to the next generation. Even if you've already designated beneficiaries on your financial accounts, having an estate plan that utilizes trusts can ensure that your assets are distributed tax efficiently, without unnecessary delays and according to your expressed wishes.

banking & lending

Like many successful individuals and businesses, time may be your most valuable and limited commodity. Our Private Wealth Portfolio® was designed to help you become more financially organized. You have the ability to trade and invest in a wide variety of securities, access to securities-based lending and you'll also enjoy access to a wide array of cash management features - including unlimited checkwriting, choice of Visa Platinum Debit Card with rewards or Visa Gold Debit Card, and five free ATM withdrawals per month.